A Sprint into Scripture – Bible Dash (Session One)

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Series Summary: You may have heard of taking a walk through the Bible, but this is not that… instead we are going to Zoom Out and take a look at the Big Picture and see the Big Story!

In this series, you will see how to connect the dots of the most epic love story ever created – and discover it is true.

Week One Summary:
The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books that all tell one seamless story. Yet, so often, we get caught in the details and miss the overarching meaning behind its message. In this session, we begin our sprint through the Old Testament and it shows us how it not only meant something thousands of years ago, it also means something to us today!

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Main Points

  1. Creation – Genesis 1:1
  2. Franchise Players – Genesis 12:3
  3. Exodus – Exodus 6:6-7
  4. Conquest – Joshua 1:5
  5. Judges – Judges 21:25

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