Add Imagination- The LEGO Series (Session Three)

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Our LEGO series has challenged us to live the law of the Lego and remember “we are created to connect.” Jesus explained this to us when He commanded us to “love God and love others.” If we take that command to connect seriously, then anything and everything becomes possible.

It is hard to imagine, but just imagine it. Well, in this installment of the LEGO series, we do just that. Get ready to add a little imagination and see the world as He has told us it should be.

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Main Points

  1. The Law of Legos – You Were Created to Connect
  2. Imagine a life where love is a priority (v. 34)
  3. Imagine a world where love is a reality (v. 35)
  4. Imagine a world where love sets the value (v. 35)
  5. Imagine a world where love pays the price (v. 34)

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