Anchoring for Potential – Potential Unleashed (Session Three)

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Sometimes people get nervous when they start thinking of dreaming about unleashing their potential. The reasons are many but one of the factors is that is can be risky and frightening moving into the unknown. In all of our lives we struggle with the fear of moving beyond our safety zones but each of us can if we recognize the importance of anchoring our lives. Today we discover the importance of anchoring for potential.

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Main Points

  1. Anchoring Effect (v. 6)

  2. Anchoring Effectively (v. 10)

Series Index
Potential – Unleashed
You have heard the phrase, “they have so much potential.” Potential is not something you are suppose to keep, it is something you are supposed to use. Many people live life immobilized by the regrets of the past. We all have them, no exceptions. But what we do with them is up to us. Mistakes don’t have to ruin our future. In this series we learn to leverage our past and start living the “best life” God has for us. Potential really is supposed to be used… it is time to unleash it.

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