You Shouldn’t Storm Area 51 – All Access Pass (Session Two)

Our series is called All Access Pass. We discovered that we have been invited by God to step behind the scenes and get to know Him. When we do, we discover a way of living that changes us and the world around us forever. If that is going to happen, we need to know how.

Today’s study tackles another way of becoming the best version of ourselves… we have to be curious. If you want to know more, good – that is the first step! It is time to get curious.

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Travel Time

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on a road trip with Jesus? Well, the Bible gives us one, and in this series we take that trip and make some discoveries that could impact our world forever.

This is a deeper dive into the Word – it is part of our Bible Nerd series.

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Stepping Behind the Scenes – All Access Pass (Session One)

This morning we begin a brand new series entitled All Access Pass. Are you ready to fully access the life God has for you? You can!

This series explains the simple ways you can live a better life. Get ready, the journey is about to begin. Even now, take a moment and ask God to prepare your heart for all that He has to teach you this morning.

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A Whole New World – A Friend Like Me (Session Four)

We have been exploring the impact of having a friend and being a friend can have in the world around you. When you do it right, it creates a whole new world for you and the people in your life. We conclude our series on encouragement with some reminders of what it takes to be the encourager you are called to be.

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The Write Stuff – A Friend Like Me (Session Three)

In A Friend Like Me we are discovering the Biblical command to encourage and the importance of how we relate to a world that needs to discover the love of Jesus.

This morning we discover the importance of encouragement once again through a written letter – and are reminded of the powerful possibilities of what it means to say the right stuff in the right way.

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