Getting Warmer – 20/20 Vision (Session Three)

How do you see your life? Our 20/20 Vision series is built around the challenge of seeing our lives as God sees them and how He has created us. We have been discovering that in God’s plan, we are to live life blessed.

Now that probably does not mean what we have always thought it means, but slowly, carefully, and Biblically we are finding that not only are we blessed, but we are blessed to bless others.

Once again, today we jump back in and find out how to get closer to the life that God has for us. It is easier than you think and before you know it, you will be getting warmer.

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What’s Coming Your Way – Session Two

Session Two

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What’s Coming Your Way – Session One

In this series, we will be adding some additional thoughts to the Celebration Worship series…we explore “What’s coming your way” and discover a principle to help define and refine your God given vision for the upcoming year.

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Under the Umbrella – 20/20 Vision (Session Two)

We are looking at our lives and trying to see them with a new, clear, clean, fresh vision. God has created us and wants to bless us. As a result, it is safe to say that we can live blessed!

This series, 20/20 Vision, is designed to help us understand more deeply the way that God blesses. But living blessed doesn’t mean that we are exempted from the storms of life.

This morning we discover some things to remember as the storms come along, which help us move through them with confidence and boldness.

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A Vision Test – 20/20 Vision (Session One)

Vision 20/20 – here we are at the start of a new year. This series is designed to stretch and challenge you as you step boldly into a new beginning. Now be advised, this new beginning carries with it the responsibility of doing your part to make each day the best possible and allows you the opportunity to see what God might be doing in your life, your world, your ministry, and in the future. You are called to live blessed. In a day and age where the very concept of a blessing has been watered down to a hashtag (#blessed) you are about to discover how to live your life and understand what it means to live blessed and how it is only natural to bless others.

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