The E-Ticket Attraction – You Must Be This Tall to Ride (Session Five)

In our series, we are discovering a great deal about what eternal life is really about. If living for Jesus is what we are supposed to be doing, then how are we ever going to be able to do it? This study reminds us of the call of God in each of our lives to impact the world and reminds us of just how we are able to make it happen.

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I Need a Little Christmas Now

It is that time of year… or almost. It seems like it happens earlier each year, but as November arrives we begin to see decorations, lights, the stores, Hallmark Channel, even the music on the radio turns toward Christmas. There is something about our culture that has a need for Christmas. Now, to be honest… many people miss the meaning or don’t know why they are celebrating. But for those who know Jesus, there is no mystery at all, we realize that Christmas comes and gives us a realistic way to look at life.

It does not say – “if we just cheer up we can make the world a better place.” It doesn not suggest that “we can fix things if we try hard enough.” Instead Christmas gives us a poerful reminder that “there is hope.” And that is very good news.

So this series admits, “I need a little Christmas now…” Get ready for the holiday rotation of Mid-Week.

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Up and Down the Mountain – You Must Be This Tall to Ride (Session Four)

Following Jesus is the ride of a lifetime! In this series, we have been exploring what ‘eternal life’ really means and how we experience it in the here and now. Building on some of the foundational building blocks we have covered in the previous sessions, it is not time to open our eyes, fully engage and get ready for the ride to begin…

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269:3 – You Must Be This Tall To Ride (Session Three)

You Must Be This Tall To Ride is a series about Eternal Life. We have been making some discoveries that are important to remember when we think about what it means to be “saved” and “living” for Jesus. It is easy to miss or forget what is most important and what we should be doing… and today we think about what Jesus has told us to do and hwy it is such an important part of the eternal life we are living in the hear and right now.

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Saving Salvation – You Must Be This Tall to Ride (Session Two)

Salvation is a very big word. Not just because it contains a large number of letters, but because it means so much more than many people understand. Today as we continue to explore the “ride of a lifetime” that God has for us, we go back again to unpack some very big and basic ideas of what Jesus has done for us. Because of what He has done, we can be who we were created to be!

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