Awed in Bethany – A Travelers Guide to Bethany (Session One)

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We have been looking at how to become a Movement…discovered the importance and how we are to jump in and live a Hokey Pokey lifestyle…and been reminded to pay attention to “how” we do things as we made discoveries about life, ministry, and God in the “details.”The freedom to follow and put these HUGE ideas into practice just might be found in the very same place that Jesus went…His soft place…which became the launching place for changing the world…a little place called Bethany. In this first look at Bethany we find that when we look closely we are “awed in Bethany.” Prepare to catch a glimpse of that awe.

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Series Page

 A Travelers Guide to Bethany Series


Entrance Ramp

  1. In The Shadow of Jerusalem (v.38)


Main Points

  1. Awed By The Priority (only one thing is the main thing) (v.40-42)
  2. Awed By The Expectations (the expectation is that everyone is going to be a part of this) (v.39 & 42)