The Monsters That are Hiding in the Closet!

It doesn’t take a whole lot of living to realize that life can be tough.
As a matter of fact, life can be frightening at times. There are so many things that are coming at us, so many things we worry about, so many things we are unsure of that we can easily feel overwhelmed and afraid.
It may not be something we talk about much, but in the quiet moments of our lives, those things that frighten us creep out of the closet and keep us awake at night.
How do we handle the tough and scary moments? What do we do? This audio CORE series offers some help and encouragement for those times.

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What are the Odds? – Life Lessons for a Gambler…

This audio series from 434 Midweek dares us, compels us, and convicts us to look at the odds and the way that God works in our lives and the world around us.

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I Am Ready To Build!

Are you ready to build? Most people want their lives to matter… if you have ever felt that way, then you are like many others. However, the struggle becomes in how to make that happen.

Are you ready to build a life for yourself that honors God and helps to build others? If so, then this study might be the place to start. Learn how to be a builder and see what God can create with your life.

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The Arrow on Fire

Living a life of something greater and something better
This series invites you to take flight and discover the importance of each moment and leaving nothing undone

(This is a chance to do a deep dive into the topics covered in “The Arrow” series in Celebration Worship or will be an excellent standalone resource of encouragement and motivation for your journey of faith)

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Living Like A Champion

This audio series takes an honest and very real look at what it means to live like a champion. In each session, we don’t pull any punches as we think about how we think, how we act, and how we react in a world that needs champions – you can be that champion. If you are ready to start living like a champion, then you might want to take a few minutes to download and listen to this series. (This series is extra material that takes some of the lessons of the Celebration Worship series: The Rumble, to a deeper level).

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I Need a Little Christmas Now

It is that time of year… or almost. It seems like it happens earlier each year, but as November arrives we begin to see decorations, lights, the stores, Hallmark Channel, even the music on the radio turns toward Christmas. There is something about our culture that has a need for Christmas. Now, to be honest… many people miss the meaning or don’t know why they are celebrating. But for those who know Jesus, there is no mystery at all, we realize that Christmas comes and gives us a realistic way to look at life.

It does not say – “if we just cheer up we can make the world a better place.” It doesn not suggest that “we can fix things if we try hard enough.” Instead Christmas gives us a poerful reminder that “there is hope.” And that is very good news.

So this series admits, “I need a little Christmas now…” Get ready for the holiday rotation of Mid-Week.

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