Changing the Temperature – Climate Change related CORE Study

Whether you realize it or not, you can be an agent of change. Your choices, your decisions, and the way you follow Jesus can change the climate of any place you find yourself in. This series is a part of our CORE series – it is taught as either a stand-alone study or can be an excellent companion study to dig deeper into the topic of Climate Change ( a series in Celebration Worship)

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Not No, It’s Christmas

This is a one session study in the midst of our holiday mid-week rotation.

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The Royal Order of the Lion Chasers

In every person’s life journey
There is a moment when you have to quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death

You have to roll up your sleeves, track them, and chase dreams if you are ever going to live one out

This CORE series is designed to enhance the celebration worship series entitled – Chasing Change, where we discover the life God has created us for is something that we can have, but we have to be willing to be obedient and run toward it, not away from it!

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“Astonishing” Adventure – Destination Adventure

As we explore and engage the adventure that God has called us to, we need to stop and take a closer look at how well we know God Himself. If you haven’t looked at God lately and been astonished, then maybe you aren’t really looking. This audio series is designed to refocus our attention and see God clearly…and maybe in a way we haven’t for some time.

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It Won’t Last – The Anatomy of Crisis

Life can be a struggle. We face ongoing problems that seem to follow us each day of our lives. We struggle with being average, with life being boring, we want peace in a world that is constant turmoil, we face situations that threaten to gobble us up, and even when we are trying to do our best, we often mess up and sometimes even fail. All in all, it can make our quality of life a lot less than we want. In this series of audio studies, you get some real life, real practical, good news about life and those moments that just aren’t going how you hoped. Bible teacher Jeff Dixon shares the anatomy of a crisis, how we face them, what we need to know, and most importantly truth from God’s Word as to what to do next.

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Secrets of Joy

Joy seems elusive… as the world desperately searches for happiness, the followers of Jesus are offered something much deeper… joy!
In a series designed to enhance the Celebration Worship series “Energized – A Life Powered By Joy” – Jeff Dixon opens up the “Joy Files” found in the book of Philippians to help us discover the secrets of joy.

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