Never Lets Go

Nothing can ever snatch us from His hand. This is such good news!
But even greater and more stunning is the reason He holds us so tightly – He loves us.
His love holds us and will never ever let us go.

God’s love never lets go…

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Before You Were Born He Loved You

Three words – God loves you – should define your life. Understanding how much He loves you makes it easier to allow His love to shape you and your world.

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God is Love

3 little words that are mighty in meaning

These three words ring throughout the galaxy and change everything. But don’t confuse little words with simple words – these words are also misunderstood, misused and miscommunicated. We kick off the summer by connecting with this important truth!

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Transformation Station

Join us as we revisit what it means to have a transformed life and how to get it.

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True Grit

It is not easy to be a man and woman of God in a world that pushes us toward being far less. It is not easy, but it is worth it. So the question is, do you have the grit it takes to become the best version of yourself? The you – you were created to be? In this course discover the virtues you need.

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Understanding the News

This is a very special audio series taught originally in 434 SonRise Bible Study.
We are bombarded with news from all over the world. Depending on the channel you listen to and the filter you hear it through it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed, confused, maybe even depressed.
In this series, we wade into some of the more compelling news topics of the day but try to see them through a Biblical lens.
When you begin to process the things we hear each day with a spiritual filter, it helps us understand them better and improve our Biblical worldview… and things don’t seem so dramatic or frightening.

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