We have heard there is “freedom” in Christ. It is good to be free – but do we really understand what that means and how that happens? Lets explore what it means to be free and learn to live free indeed… There is great joy in living free – and we all could use some joy – right?

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Travel Time

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on a road trip with Jesus? Well, the Bible gives us one, and in this series we take that trip and make some discoveries that could impact our world forever.

This is a deeper dive into the Word – it is part of our Bible Nerd series.

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That Makes Me Smile

Life can be tough to be sure. We all need moments to smile. In this study, we find some passages in he Bible that are a bit funny, show a Holy sense of humor, and we find ourselves connected to the stories in healthy happy ways… see some familiar stories with a fresh set of eyes.

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Land of the Giants

Have you ever wondered about stuff that is in the Bible? One of the mysterious things we find, in the Bible, is the mention of giants. Believe it or not, there is a lot more about giants in Scripture than you might think. Get ready to drill down and explore some mysteries of the Bible and what they mean to you, in this series called Lord of the Giants. (This is part of a special series of studies called the Bible Nerd Series)

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Downloading Strength

A New Year brings new hope but at the same time the realization that you have to face some things that aren’t always going to be easy. We know God give strength – but – do you really know how to get it?

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Never Lets Go

Nothing can ever snatch us from His hand. This is such good news!
But even greater and more stunning is the reason He holds us so tightly – He loves us.
His love holds us and will never ever let us go.

God’s love never lets go…

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