Breaking the Chains that keep you from being a Masterpiece! – Masterpiece Series – Special Guest: Ken Smith

You are a Masterpiece… the Creator of the Universe has made you and is molding you into a masterpiece. In our first edition of this series, we explored the choices we make that help us become that masterpiece. Now we set you free to take the next step as we explore….

“Breaking the Chains that keep you from being a Masterpiece!” Ken Smith – Guest Teacher

Join us in welcoming Ken Smith to The Church @ 434 this morning. Ken has served as pastor in churches throughout Florida and Mississippi. He has served on boards and agencies in the Florida Baptist Convention, he has been featured with the Billy Graham Crusades, he is a member of the FCA Hall of Champions, and has written several books, most recently Lessons from the Top. Ken Smith also has a very special place in the ministry of The Church @ 434. Ken is one of Pastor Jeff’s mentors and teachers. His influence has rippled through the life of our entire staff and his constant ongoing support and encouragement have helped shape and mold the ministry we are all a part of. It is an honor to have Ken in the house. Get excited, because it is going to be a fantastic time of worship!

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Choices we get to Make – Masterpiece Series – Special Guest Craig Culbreth

Whether you realize it or not, you are a masterpiece!

Created by God – you are a work of art. Each of us must decide if we are willing to become all that He created us to be and whether or not we are going to live up to the potential He has placed in each one of us. The choices we get to make directly impact the quality of life we are going to have.

This morning, our very special guest is Dr. Craig Culbreth. Craig is the Missions and Ministry TEAM Lead Strategist for the Florida Baptist Convention. Craig will be sharing and teaching as we come face to face with how we face adversity and how we choose our attitude.

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Six Sides – Adding Depth

We have explored transformation, now we look at practical and insightful ways that we can improve and add depth to our journey of faith. This is designed to explain each of the six sides of transformation and what you do next to set your direction to grow!

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Transformation 434

Where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow!
As a follower of Jesus, the call of Christ is a call to grow and add depth to your life
This study is designed to teach you what transformation looks like and give you the chance to evaluate where you are in your journey of faith and where you want to go.
An essential course for all who are ready to grow deeper in their faith and know Jesus better.

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The 411 @ 434

This an big overview of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of The Church @ 434. Since we are all new to this journey together this is information that will be helpful, informative, inspirational, refreshing and give you the inside scoop on what we all need to know about The Church @ 434.

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Urban Legends and Open Doors

You have heard the phrase, “well… if God wants something to happen – He will open the door” many people have tried to live their life by looking for an open door – but they aren’t sure what that even means for what the doorway might look like
Sometimes the reason we don’t embrace God’s direction for our life is because we don’t really know what to look for

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