Sneak Preview – Creature Feature Series

You can’t run – you can’t hide from the creatures that lurk within.
More frightening that any monster. More devastating than any invader. This creatures will dumb you down, numb your soul, and threaten everything important to you!
They have been unleashed and they wreak havoc and mayhem. In this series we discover where these creatures live… and most importantly – how they can be defeated!

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More… Moments, Memories, Momentum and Ministry

A look at having the abundant life God has called us to.

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Freedom is never free, it is always bought with a price. It costs something to be sure.
Jesus reminds us that if we are willing to make the choice to follow Him, embrace His Word then we discover truth… and when we do we will be set free. He follows it up with a promise, that if the Son sets you free, then you are free for certain. That means that our freedom is secured by Jesus and is ready for the living and experiencing. Are you ready to live, really live free?

In this series, recorded live in SonRise Bible Study, we explore how to find that freedom He promises.

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Fully Surrendered Followers – Masterpiece Series (Session Three) – Guest Lewis Miller

The Masterpiece Series continues at the Church @ 434! We will be joined by special guest, Lewis Miller. Lewis has served in a variety of positions with the Florida Baptist Convention since 2003. He now serves the West Florida region to in his role as regional catalyst. He is a good friend of the Church @ 434. He is a prayer warrior for our church and a wise counsel who speaks into our leadership settings. He is a man that God is using to shape the hearts and lives of Florida Baptists. His energy and insights will be a blessing to us as well! Lewis will lead us at 9:00 AM and 10:15 AM. Get ready for a fantastic morning of worship!

For Sonrise Bible Study, Lewis talks about “Becoming the Masterpiece that God Intends for me to be.”

For Celebration Worship, Lews talks about “Fully Surrendered Followers.”

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A Heroic Adventure

God has called each of us to a life bigger than we ever dreamed. Are you ready to live it?

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Is It True? – A 4 Point Case for Mere Christianity

How do you know if faith is real and true? It takes more faith to be an atheist than to embrace the truth of the Bible… lets discover why.

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