My Favorite Things – 20/20 Vision (Session Five)

Do you see your life as a life that has been blessed? That has been our focus in this series as we are looking closely at who we are and how God has created us. If you are really looking, you may be seeing your life with 20/20 vision – clearer than you have ever seen it before. In this study, we take one more look at the way that God has blessed us and what it means to our future and those around us. When you learn to see the blessing of God, you are well on your way to really living.

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What’s Coming Your Way – Session Four

Session Four

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God Blesses You – 20/20 Vision (Session Four)

Our 20/20 Vision series continues this week as we dive into an Old Testament passage. It is more than just a passage, it is a genuine blessing from God.

BARAK is a Hebrew word for “blessing” that has 6 different descriptive, and very important meanings that will help us understand what it means to be blessed and live blessed by God.

How do you see your life? Are you living blessed?

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What’s Coming Your Way – Session Three

Session Three

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Getting Warmer – 20/20 Vision (Session Three)

How do you see your life? Our 20/20 Vision series is built around the challenge of seeing our lives as God sees them and how He has created us. We have been discovering that in God’s plan, we are to live life blessed.

Now that probably does not mean what we have always thought it means, but slowly, carefully, and Biblically we are finding that not only are we blessed, but we are blessed to bless others.

Once again, today we jump back in and find out how to get closer to the life that God has for us. It is easier than you think and before you know it, you will be getting warmer.

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What’s Coming Your Way – Session Two

Session Two

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