Extra Cookies One – Animal Crackers

Take a closer look at the Issues with Balaam. This video expands on the second Entrance Ramp item from the Did the Donkey Just Talk? sermon.

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Did the Donkey Just Talk? – Animal Crackers (Session One)

Did you know that the famous boxes of Barnum’s Animal Crackers were designed the way they were so they could be used as decorations on Christmas trees? Well, it is true. These crazy, funny animal crackers were originally designed to be a surprising decoration. In the Bible there are some fun, weird, interesting and wacky stories about animals that in some ways “decorate” the story of God with life lessons that teach us a great deal.

In this series, entitled Animal Crackers – we open up the box and see what is inside… and we begin with a talking donkey. This mule (and the story surrounding it) reminds us of some great realities about following God.

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