The Cost Benefit Analysis – Blessed 2 Bless (B2B) – Session Two

This morning we are taking a personal cost benefit analysis… at least in a spiritual sense. As our series continues, out study today allows us to look at what happens when we begin to see our lives as blessed.

How does that reality change us? How do we respond? Then lastly, what is the benefit if we do so? Your world changes when you see your life as a life that is blessed… and the world around you changes as well.

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To B or Not to B – Blessed 2 Bless (B2B) – Session One

When you see your life as being blessed everything changes. The way you view the world around you becomes different and every decision you make takes on a whole new perspective. You are blessed to bless.

In this morning’s Bible study, we take a look at a powerful moment in Scripture as Jesus reminds us of why this is so important and we can choose for ourselves whether or not we will bless others or choose not to do so.

Get ready… the Celebration Worship is about to begin!

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