The Domino Theory – Chasing Change (Saga Eight)

An incredible passage of Scripture loaded with life principles, lessons, and challenges that compel us all to chase change. The first step in chasing change is sometimes the hardest but also the one that we must take. As we wrap up this series, we explore the way we get moving on the journey of a lifetime.

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The Royal Order of the Lion Chasers

In every person’s life journey
There is a moment when you have to quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death

You have to roll up your sleeves, track them, and chase dreams if you are ever going to live one out

This CORE series is designed to enhance the celebration worship series entitled – Chasing Change, where we discover the life God has created us for is something that we can have, but we have to be willing to be obedient and run toward it, not away from it!

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Dreaming for a Living – Chasing Change (Saga Seven)

In the Chasing Change series we have discovered that God has a dream for each of us. As we choose to live the life we were created to live, we are chasing not only a dream for our lives but also living out God’s dream for us. In essence, a dream within a dream. When living for Jesus becomes a lifestyle the way we face each day is different…today we explore how different each day can be.

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What I Learned When I Unlearned – Chasing Change (Saga Six)

We are continuing to read the epic saga recorded in 2 Samuel 23 and discovering how it helps us to become a people who chase change. Last week we talked about being Scared to Life and how we face fears. Pastor Jeff said something last week about how we can unlearn our fears. Over the course of the week he got a number of notes and questions wanting to explore that concept deeper, so he is going to share some additional thoughts on the idea that he didn’t include last week. This new, additional, bonus study in the series is entitled – What I Learned when I Unlearned. Today we discover how essential it is to face and unlearn the fears that can rob us from becoming who we were created to be.

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Snow Days – Chasing Change (Saga Five)

hen you hear the words “snow day” a number of things might pop into your head. You might flash back to a day off of school if you live up north. Perhaps it is the realization that the weather is so bad that you just can’t travel the roads. Maybe it is the aftermath of an unexpected storm that has dropped so much snow that life seems to have come to a screeching halt – or – it might be the greatest day and the greatest opportunity you have ever been given. Today we discover how to really look at snow days as the saga of Chasing Change continues.

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Live Scared to Life – Chasing Change (Saga Four)

In our series Chasing Change we are moving through an epic passage of Scripture loaded with amazing sagas that inspire, challenge and stretch us to become the people we were created to be. It has been refreshing and revealing in how much they speak to the issues so many face each day. In our last saga we found common ground in the cave – a place where we struggle but dreams are realized. Today we explore the way we come face to face with the fears that paralyze us and learn to move through and beyond them.

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