Mission Control

This study is a look at some essentials for each of us in our personal journey of faith. If we are designed by God to touch and change the world (which we are), then it is important to understand how that looks and what it takes to make us successful. In this series, we discover some help in begin successful.

(This audio series is a great way to take the study series – Launch – to a deeper level)

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The Promise of Launching – Launch (Session Six)

Today we wrap up our Launch series with one more promise that gets us ready to launch into the world. When God calls us, He gives us what we need to do what we are asked to do. Today is a powerful reminder of that.

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Push Start Launch – Launch (Session Five)

In our Launch series we are being challenged about how we can live our lives boldly holding onto the promises of God. Those promises remind us that we have a purpose. This study gives us the Push Start we need to touch and change the world. The great news is you have what you need, the tough part is that you must choose to do something with what you have been given.

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Launching with the Commander – Launch (Session Four)

Our Launch series has reminded us of some of the often overlooked promises of God for each of us in our lives. Today we are a reminded as we move out into the world with the love of Jesus, we are not alone. As a matter of fact, Jesus plays an active role in our lives each day. We are not alone and that changes everything.

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Launching with Power – Launch (Session Three)

Launch is a series where we are discovering some of the amazing promises of God. Those promises give us value, define us, and free us to become what and who we are created to be. As a result, we can touch and change the world with the love of Jesus.

Today we look at how we connect to the power source that gives us the fuel we need to launch into the world around us. It is yet another amazing truth and promise from God – and it will change your life!

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Countdown – Go for Launch – Launch (Session Two)

Are you ready to launch? God has called us to touch and change the world. This seems like an overwhelming task, but what many often forget is that He gives us the power we need to do what He has asked us to do. In this series, we are discovering how to launch out into our world. The countdown continues in this session as we find we have what we need to “go.”

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