So Much to Celebrate – Never Ever Alone (Session Three)

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving and so many of us have much to be thankful for. In the Never Ever Alone series we have been reminded that because we are not alone, the way we move through the world, see the world, and the way we live can be different. We can live with a sense of thankfulness that just can’t happen without Jesus.

Today we are reminded of how much we have to celebrate as Thanksgiving arrives! Even now take a moment and thank God for the opportunity to be here. Get ready the celebration is about to begin!

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Gold in the Garbage – Never Ever Alone (Session Two)

As a follower of Jesus, you already know that you are supposed to become more like Him. But it is not easy – is it? In our journey to start “Thanks-Living” we take the next step today. We have discovered the importance of connecting our hearts to our head, now we check the way we see things. If we look closely, we might just find gold in the garbage.

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A Mental Greenhouse – Never Ever Alone (Session One)

As we officially begin to move into a season of Thanksgiving, we need to do some thanks-living. We have much to be thankful for because we are never ever alone… and because He is with us, it should change the way we think about our lives and the world around us. So in this study, we connect our heart to our head – and find some clues as to how we can live more thankfully.

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