Noble – Dig… Dig… Dig… (Session Three)

We Dig-Dig-Dig… together we are mining through one of the richest passages of Scripture ever; making discoveries about love! We found some dwarfs that didn’t make the cut in the fabulous film, yet they are reminding us of things that we need to know.

Today we find out how important it is to love as Jesus loved us and how different it really is from the way the world likes to love. Get ready, it is time to dig and then get to work.

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Breezy – Dig… Dig… Dig… (Session Two)

We ended Celebration Worship last week with a call to charge into the world… it was “Heigh-Ho… off to work we go” as we moved into the week looking for ways to love others. We also met a dwarf that didn’t make the cut in the famous movie – Chatty. Chatty reminded us of the need to learn to slow down the motor mouth.

Today we keep digging and meet another dwarf that can teach us a great deal about how well we love. Here we go again – it is time to get digging!

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Chatty – Dig… Dig… Dig… (Session One)

The dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sang it… “We dig, dig, dig… it’s what we like to do!” Guess What. We are going to go digging!

But this digging is into a passage of Scripture that we are all familiar with, but what we are going to find are some gems that will change everything about how we live. So today get ready to meet an often forgotten miner digging away… get ready to meet Chatty.

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The Ultimate Project – Construction Code (Session Six)

You and I are a work in progress. We are building a life that is worth living, which is the life that God created us to live. Over the past few weeks, we have been discovering a ‘code’ that gives us some things to remember to keep us on track.

This morning we are reminded to keep moving forward and how to do so. Get ready to worship as we complete our series on “The Construction Code.”

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Perfect Timing – Construction Code (Session Five)

We are all under construction.
The Construction Code is helping us to see how God is building within us the life we were created to live.

If we are going to accomplish then we need to learn to pay attention to time. Why? Because if we can get the timing right, we discover that it is easier to be successful. Today we discover Perfect Timing… and why it matters.

Get ready… the celebration is about to begin! Even now, pray that God would prepare your heart and mind for all that He has for you today. Let’s worship Him with everything we have this morning.

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Bang Blast Boom – Construction Code (Session Four)

Together we are learning a “code” that reminds us of the importance of building the life that God has called us to build. Along the way we have discovered some timeless truths that can help us be successful. But all of us have lived enough to know that it is not always easy. So what do you do when it gets tough? Bang-Blast-Boom is the answer. Now if you aren’t sure what that is or how to do it, then this is a study you will have to hear!

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