Not Just Any Dream – RUSH (Session Four)

The clatter, clamor, clutter and collision of emotions, thoughts situations and circumstances race through our lives like marbles rolling downhill. Life works that way, no matter what you try to do to avoid it. Yet, in the midst of that rush, God is speaking to us. In this series we are learning to listen for the Holy Hush and hear the whisper of God in our lives. One of the ways that God has spoken in the past is through dreams and visions. Does that still happen today? Can it happen within you? Let’s discover another way to listen to God together in this celebration worship experience.

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The Next Moment in Time – RUSH (Session Three)

The Holy Hush breaks through the rush of chaos, clutter and confusion that often clouds our lives. In this series, we have discovered that God is always speaking to us and this study explores how God speaks through the opportunities that unfold in front of us. Get ready to move past the rush.

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Key to the Kingdom – RUSH (Session Two)

RUSH is the series in which we are discovering how the Holy Hush breaks through the chaos and clutter of the Rush constantly happening in our lives. We have already discovered that God wants to speak to us and is speaking to us – all the time. In this session, we get specific and look at one of the ways that God speaks to us each day. It is going to sound like a classic church answer, but one of the ways He speaks is through His Word. So in this innovative glimpse of Scripture, together let’s allow the HUSH to move through the Rush.

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The Rush Effect – RUSH (Session One)

The Rush Effect – we begin a new series on learning to listen and discover how to allow the voice of God to break through the noise surrounding you. We begin by exploring the Rush Effect and finding that “The Holy Hush Breaks Through the Rush…”

In this first installment, of the celebration worship event, we start with a prayer that is one of the boldest prayers you could ever pray. But not only that, we will deal openly and honestly about the way that God tends to speak and why. Do you want to hear Him? Are you willing to listen?

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Battleship – Game On (Session Five)

Our Game On series comes to a close with a look at one more classic game. It is a game that requires strategy, thought and some good choices. The game is Battleship!

Today we discover the strategy you need for living the life God has created you to live.

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Candy Land – Game On (Session Four)

In the Game On series, we are looking at real world, practical ways that we begin to live when we decide to get serious about who we were created to be by God. In Game On – Candy Land, we discover the insight that we need to live in the “sweet spot” that God has planned for each of us.

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