Just Sit Right Back – And You’ll Hear a Tale – Shipwrecked (Session One)

Most people have never had to live through an actual shipwreck, although there are moments that life can feel like a shipwreck to be sure. In those moments, we want to be rescued but we also want to discover help that can carry us through the storm. If you have ever felt that way, then this is your series. We are going to move into a passage of Scripture and find an actual shipwreck we can learn from, along with some anchors that will help us navigate moments when our life gets tossed about.

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Ultimate Float Trip – Animal Crackers (Session Four)

Animal Crackers has featured animals, whose appearance in the Bible is accompanied by some crazy unexpected life lessons. The series concludes with the ultimate animal story, in the ultimate storm, on an ultimate boat trip… Or perhaps the Ultimate Float Trip. In the book of Genesis we find one of the most familiar Bible stories ever and discover some important reminders for each of us as we float into the week ahead.

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A Fox Tail Tale – Animal Crackers (Session Three)

Animal Crackers continues today with the strange, wacky story of foxes who set an entire countryside on fire. As weird as that sounds, they had help and of course that is a part of the story as well.

Today we explore a series of events from the life of Samson and learn some real lessons that we need to remember. Get ready, here is another wild animal tale from the Bible.

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The Bear Traffic Controller – Animal Crackers (Session Two)

We are looking at some wile, wacky, and fun stories in the Bible where God uses animals to teach us some important lessons about life, ourselves, and most of all following Him. Today we are bearly able to contain our excitement – we examine a passage where an unbearable situation brings us face to face with some bear necessities of life. In case you didn’t know it, this is a passage that mentions bears.

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Did the Donkey Just Talk? – Animal Crackers (Session One)

Did you know that the famous boxes of Barnum’s Animal Crackers were designed the way they were so they could be used as decorations on Christmas trees? Well, it is true. These crazy, funny animal crackers were originally designed to be a surprising decoration. In the Bible there are some fun, weird, interesting and wacky stories about animals that in some ways “decorate” the story of God with life lessons that teach us a great deal.

In this series, entitled Animal Crackers – we open up the box and see what is inside… and we begin with a talking donkey. This mule (and the story surrounding it) reminds us of some great realities about following God.

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Upside Down turns Inside Out – Stranger Things (Session Six)

We live in a world that is upside down. This conclusion of our Stranger Things series brings us to where we started – Acts 17. This is the passage where we discover the practical ways to take all we have found and boldly say it in the world around us. It can turn the Upside Down inside out and as a result, turn the Upside Down upside down, making it right side up!

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