Something to Think About – A Journey… Traveling Blessed (Session Three)

How are you feeling? Are you feeling blessed? This series is taking us on a journey and we are discovering that we have the chance to travel blessed through life. We have been reminded we have everything we need and today we ponder that a little deeper. In this study, we give you some things to think about if you are going to experience the blessing He has for you. So get ready for something to think about…

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The Missing Ingredient – A Journey… Traveling Blessed (Session Two)

We are on a journey and we have discovered that we have been called to live blessed. That is all well and good, but what is the ingredient that we need to make it work? Of course we know the answer is Jesus – that is a given. But what else? Today we discover that truth!

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The Divine Outfitter – A Journey… Traveling Blessed (Session One)

We have been looking at our lives with a clear vision. Along the way we have discovered how to see our life with a clear vision so we can see how much we are blessed. We have also realized that we are blessed to bless others. Today we kick off a new series with a study designed to help us remember that as we travel on the journey of life, we travel and live blessed. God gives us everything we need and we are outfitted with all we need for the journey He has called us to.

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The Post is Prologue – Blessed 2 Bless (B2B) – Session Five

Our B2B series has been an exciting and challenging call to realize that we are blessed to bless. Our series concludes with a reminder of what we discovered in the first week of the series – we are called to bless the One who blesses you!

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Let Loose and Bless – Blessed 2 Bless (B2B) – Session Four

We are learning that we have been blessed so that we can bless others – Blessed to Bless. We have also discovered that God is the giver of all good things and all that we have, comes from Him.

He expects us to be faithful and obedient with all He has entrusted to us. Because of that, we have the freedom to bless others. This morning’s study reminds us of the basics of generosity and blessing.

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The Opportunity of Generosity – Blessed 2 Bless (B2B) – Session Three

We are Blessed to Bless or as we have said it here at The Church @ 434 – “B2B”

God gives each of us an amazing opportunity to take the time, talent, and resources He has given to us and gives us the opportunity to bless the lives of others with them. This study takes us back to a familiar Bible story that reminds us how important this really is… get ready to learn to seize the opportunities that God gives each of us to be generous and bless others.

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