Built to Connect- The LEGO Series (Session One)

Jesus is the One who said the most important thing for us to do is “Love God, love others.” This command breaks down, into the simplest ways, what we must all learn to do to live the life we were created to live. We must connect with God and then connect with others – when we do “everything is awesome! This Easter season series begins with the basics, the building blocks of how to live for God with a study entitled – Built to Connect. Get ready to build a life that God has created just for you.

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Bolt into Life – Bible Dash (Session Four)

Bolt into Life is the last installment of our Bible Dash series. We are racing at full speed though a big picture view of the most amazing book ever written – The Bible. As we have built up speed, we have been seeing some landmarks and connecting the dots of the love story that God has written for each one of our lives.

Today we run toward the finish line, which in the Bible is really a new beginning… so on your mark, get set, Go! The Bible Dash surges toward the finish line in this study.

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Racing to Redemption – Bible Dash (Session Three)

We have now dashed through the Old Testament and our dash continues this week as we run into the New Testament. As we begin, we realize we are Racing to Redemption as we continue to see how the Bible is one giant love story about a God who loves His creation (that is us)!

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A Run Through the Ages – Bible Dash (Session Two)

Our Bible Dash continues as we run through the Old Testament once again. This time is a Run through the Ages as history unfolds and HIStory becomes Our story.

On your mark, get set, go!

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A Sprint into Scripture – Bible Dash (Session One)

Series Summary: You may have heard of taking a walk through the Bible, but this is not that… instead we are going to Zoom Out and take a look at the Big Picture and see the Big Story!

In this series, you will see how to connect the dots of the most epic love story ever created – and discover it is true.

Week One Summary:
The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books that all tell one seamless story. Yet, so often, we get caught in the details and miss the overarching meaning behind its message. In this session, we begin our sprint through the Old Testament and it shows us how it not only meant something thousands of years ago, it also means something to us today!

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TNACI – Arrow (Session Six)

Are you ready to take your shot? All through the Arrow series we have challenged you to step up and choose to be who you were created to be.

Today we take one more look at a snapshot from the life of Elisha and are reminded of how easy it is to miss what God wants to do… we have to lose the “I can’t” that so often robs us of what He has for us. – TNACI!

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