You’ve Got a Friend in Me – A Freind Like Me (Session Two)

In our A Friend Like Me series, we are exploring the incredible need and power of encouragement. We have discovered how important this is to God and how He works to do this in each of our lives.

This morning’s Bible study takes us a bit deeper and reminds us of the awesome responsibility of being a friend. So together, lets make some discoveries from a dusty road in Damascus that impacts your life today.

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Everyone is Someone – A Freind Like Me (Session One)

What if you could learn to turn a frown upside down? What if you could offer hope to the haze of despair? What if you could build others up while their lives are tearing them down? What if it could be a whole new world? It can – and you can do it – with His love! Get ready to find yourself basking in God’s love as you learn to give it away!

Building up, connecting and offering hope can change the world we live in. You can be that person to someone.

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All or Nothing – The Gambler (Session Four)

The song tells us that “every gambler knows the secret to surviving is the knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep” – So, how do you know what exactly that is? The hope of every gambler is to hit the jackpot. But sometimes, they have to make a drastic move in hopes of changing the odds. Sometimes they have to go “all in”. Today we learn that there is only one way to play – when we go All In for God, the only result we’ll experience is hitting the jackpot!

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Grasshoppers and Jackpots – The Gambler (Session Three)

Life is all about risk. We cannot go through life without it. However, we can choose what we risk and why we risk it.

In this morning’s study, we take a look at the difference between gambling with God and gambling for God. We will discover that the greatest risk we can take isn’t a rebellious risk, it’s a righteous risk.

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The Risk for the Reward – The Gambler (Session Two)

The challenge of this series is to Gamble for God not against God. We each have a hand that we have been dealt and we are called to play it. The decision we must make is whether we are willing to go all in for God or try to hold back.

It is easy at times to settle for what we know… staying where we are… trying to play it safe. The struggle is that if we don’t risk the known, we might miss out on the reward of the promise God has for us. Today we explore one of the big stories in the Bible, loaded with gamblers for God, and in their epic journey we are reminded of things we need to do in life today.

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The Gamble for a Gambler – The Gambler (Session One)

In life, we all seek security. And because of that, we find ourselves often playing it safe. But the safe bet isn’t always the best bet. In this series, Jeff shows us how our security is often just smoke and mirrors. Get ready to be challenged to see things from God’s perspective. There are lessons for the gambler in each of us and we find that there is a gamble for a gambler.

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