Did the Donkey Just Talk? – Animal Crackers (Session One)

Did you know that the famous boxes of Barnum’s Animal Crackers were designed the way they were so they could be used as decorations on Christmas trees? Well, it is true. These crazy, funny animal crackers were originally designed to be a surprising decoration. In the Bible there are some fun, weird, interesting and wacky stories about animals that in some ways “decorate” the story of God with life lessons that teach us a great deal.

In this series, entitled Animal Crackers – we open up the box and see what is inside… and we begin with a talking donkey. This mule (and the story surrounding it) reminds us of some great realities about following God.

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Upside Down turns Inside Out – Stranger Things (Session Six)

We live in a world that is upside down. This conclusion of our Stranger Things series brings us to where we started – Acts 17. This is the passage where we discover the practical ways to take all we have found and boldly say it in the world around us. It can turn the Upside Down inside out and as a result, turn the Upside Down upside down, making it right side up!

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Contemplating Creation – Stranger Things (Session Five)

There is a line in Stranger Things, uttered by Police Chief Hopper as he explains… “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation…” In the Stranger Things series here at The Church @ 434, we have been contemplating some ways to engage the culture in conversations about faith. Knowing what we believe and why, being able to share with confidence, and finding strength to turn the Upside Down world we live in upside down is more important than ever. Today we take a few minutes and contemplate one of the “big” questions that many have – creation. Believe it or not, your answer to this question will dictate what happens next in your life.

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The Angel Angle – Stranger Things (Session Four)

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Between Heaven and Hell – Stranger Things (Session Three)

We are looking for ways to engage an Upside Down world and turn it upside down! This series is designed to give you some helpful tools to have real conversations about Jesus in a crazy out of control world. Today we explore one of the topics that people most care about – Heaven and Hell… and what we need to know about them. Are you ready to turn the Upside Down upside down? A little glimpse of Heaven can go a long way toward nudging people closer to the Father.

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Spell it Out for Me – Stranger Things (Session Two)

We live in an Upside Down world and to survive it we need help. We need information, we need answers and we need to know they are real and can be trusted. There is a source that we can get the information we need to live from and we can trust it to be true.

It is found in the Word of God. If you are going to turn the Upside Down upside down, then you have to connect to the source and discover His plan for living.

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