You’ve Got a Friend in Me – A Freind Like Me (Session Two)

In our A Friend Like Me series, we are exploring the incredible need and power of encouragement. We have discovered how important this is to God and how He works to do this in each of our lives.

This morning’s Bible study takes us a bit deeper and reminds us of the awesome responsibility of being a friend. So together, lets make some discoveries from a dusty road in Damascus that impacts your life today.

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All or Nothing – The Gambler (Session Four)

The song tells us that “every gambler knows the secret to surviving is the knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep” – So, how do you know what exactly that is? The hope of every gambler is to hit the jackpot. But sometimes, they have to make a drastic move in hopes of changing the odds. Sometimes they have to go “all in”. Today we learn that there is only one way to play – when we go All In for God, the only result we’ll experience is hitting the jackpot!

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Grasshoppers and Jackpots – The Gambler (Session Three)

Life is all about risk. We cannot go through life without it. However, we can choose what we risk and why we risk it.

In this morning’s study, we take a look at the difference between gambling with God and gambling for God. We will discover that the greatest risk we can take isn’t a rebellious risk, it’s a righteous risk.

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2019 Children’s Musical

2019 Children’s Musical – These are the performances as switched and captured live. The video element won’t be visible. The edited version will be available on DVD.

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VBS – Roar (2019)

Each day, kids participate in small groups, called Crews, and discover what it means to stand strong for God! Not only will they experience epic Bible adventures but they’ll also watch for God in everyday life through something called God Sightings™. You and your kids will discover that God is active in our lives and that his fingerprints are everywhere!

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All the Pieces You Need – The LEGO Series (Session Four)

The last installment of the LEGO series happens today. We have discovered that in order to live the life we were created to live, we must Connect to God and Connect with Others. Today we conclude the series with a powerful reminder that we have all the pieces we need… so it is time to connect and grow!

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