The Church @ 434 e-Letter

Worship @ 434

Join us Sunday morning at 10:15 for Celebration Worship. 

This week Craig Culbreth will be with us! Don’t miss this incredible day of worship and learning. Craig will teach adults during Sonrise Bible Study as well as challenge us during Celebration Worship! 


This is a series of ongoing special events at The Church @ 434

The Masterpiece Series



Family Weeks

This is the first week of our Family Weeks Break. We hope you enjoy the “night off” with your family. Join us Wednesday, February 17 when Mid-Week returns!



DRIVE – Bowl Game Event
Calling all men of The Church @ 434! Join us next Sunday night, February 7th when we gather for the time honored tradition of watching football and eating food. It starts at kickoff and goes until the game is over and the food is gone!


54 days and counting!!! 

The 20th Annual Magic 107.7 Easter Egg Hunt is coming soon! We are beginning to collect candy for the event. We announced Wednesday night that we need Smarties and Candy Bracelets and Watches from the Dollar Tree (blue bag that contains 10 packs).  We have since discovered that the Candy Bracelets and Watches were ordered for Valentine’s Day and will not be re-ordered for Easter.  We already have 69 bags and need 91 more.  Stop by the Dollar Tree this weekend if you get a chance and pick up a few bags.  We also have bags on display so you can see exactly what we need.  “Hoppy Shopping”



Upcoming Dates for Your Calendars

Saturday, March 26                        Magic 107.7 Easter Egg Hunt

Sat & Sun, May 7-8                        Children’s Musical

Saturday, May 21                           The Pastors Golf Tournament

July 10 –  16                                    Student Summer Camp



Giving Statements
If you would like a copy of your giving statement, please write your name and “statement” on the “Welcome to The Church @ 434” page and drop it in the giving box.  We will have it ready for you in the next couple of weeks.  If you would like it e-mailed to you, please include your e-mail address.


A 434 Directory

Please be part of our on-line Directory. There are forms at the Information Table for you to fill out. Once you have completed yours, please give it to John Bush or place it in the Giving Box. You will receive an e-mail that invites you to upload a picture and change/update your information.




Thanks to Those STUCK in the Kidzone

(Serving Terrific Unique Christ Kids)


Date Greeter Babies Toddlers PreK Floater
1/31 Windy I Kelly C Jacynth M Brittany A Gretchen S
2/7 Steffanie S Amy P Lori T Karen B Windy I