Climate Control – Climate Change (Session One)

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Each person has a climate as they interact with others—sunny, stormy, or even icy. And the current climate dictates the forecast. The struggle is that many of us are unaware of the emotional climates we carry around with us. However, as a follower of Jesus that is called to touch and change the world, we have a calling to impact and even change the climate of the places we go and the people we meet. How does your life affect the climate of the world you live in?

Session One Description:
Is it possible to control the climate in the places you go? It is an interesting idea to ponder. Believe it or not, how you answer that question impacts the way you move through life. This study is the first in a series designed to get you to see how you change the climate in the world you move in.

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Main Points

  1. Reading the Climate (v.6)
  2. Owning the Climate (v.7)
  3. Ignoring the Climate (v.8-9)

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