Defining Who You Really Are: Courage – MOVE – Choosing A New Attitude (Session Five)

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Courage…you need it….do you have it? Our MOVE series has found us looking at the choices we make.
In a trilogy of Bible Studies we have been discovering how to Choose A New Attitude. This ‘new attitude’ is an essential for anyone who desires to move forward as a follower and have their lives become part of a movement that will change the world and shape the culture. We have found that it begins with humility, it is enhanced by integrity, and today we discover the characteristic that emerges…courage.
Once again we move into the pages of Scripture and find some things that you may have never noticed before. Those truths might just change your life forever.

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Main Points

  1. Who Do You Have The Courage To Become? (v.1)
  2. Do You Have The Courage To Redefine Yourself? (v.16-18)