Downpour Series

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Our lives can become different…because we live in the Downpour of God’s Grace


Grace like rain changes the way we live

Life can be wild, crazy, fun, and exciting….
Life can also be rough, tough, and frustrating…
Life can even be confusing and chaotic…

And in the midst of it all we are called to follow Jesus!

How do you manage to keep it all in balance?

There are no fool proof, can’t miss, follow these steps and you’ve got it that applies in life
The reason is simple, God and His people (that would include you) are not systems

Although there are no steps there are some life shaping principles that will help
Each principle is wrapped around God Himself, and if we are willing to understand and apply them to our lives…
Then our life becomes different…because we live in the Downpour of God’s Grace

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Are You Structured For A Downpour? – downpour-session one
We begin the series at the only place we can begin…with God

The truth is.. that what you believe about God is going to determine the quality and your ability to experience and understand how big His grace really is. So if you are ready, lets take a look and see if you are structured for the downpour of His grace.

Opening The Floodgates (For The downpour) – downpour-session two
Our latest series is entitled “downpour” and we discovering the “bigness” of God’s grace. In our initial study we asked ourselves if we were structure for a downpour of grace in our lives. We examined who God really is and why that matters if we are going to experience His grace in our lives.

Today we unpack that a bit more as we deal with the question, “what does He require from us?” If we want to open the floodgates for grace to flow in our lives then we need to know what He expects…it only makes sense…right?

Little Drops Within The Downpour (downpour-session three)

downpour- a series about God’s grace and you…continues this week as we unpack another portion of the “bigness” of God’s grace. We have seen who God is and what He requires of us as we have structured our lives for the downpour and opened the floodgates for the downpour. Now we dig a little deeper and try to catch a glimpse of how God loves us as we discover Little Drops Within The
Downpour. Once again, prayerfully open your hearts so we can begin to live in the downpour of His grace.

Singing in the Downpour (Downpour session four)

We have been exploring just how big the grace of God really is … and how we can live different because of that grace.
Today we discover that when we live in the downpour of His grace it gives us a real reason to celebrate…because then and only then…can we discover freedom!
Get ready to sing in the downpour this morning

Is It Enough Of A Downpour? Downpour session five
We have been looking at the downpour of God’s grace for the past few weeks. It has been exciting and we have discovered how much bigger grace is…than we thought it was.
However, at this point we all know people who talk about grace, say they love God’s grace, but in all honesty…grace just hasn’t changed their life. On a more personal level, the people we are thinking about or talking about…might actually be us.
Today we pause and slow down just a bit and ask the question that sometimes we think about but would never say out loud… “is His grace really enough?”
It is ok to ask the question…there is an answer…and we discover it today

Pondering in the Downpour – Downpour Session 6
The downpour continues here @ The Warehouse as we have been looking, exploring, and discovering how big God’s grace really is…and how when we live in His grace it is like living in a downpour! Today we explore thoughts that we ponder as we begin to really understand His grace. These are questions we all want and need t know…and they are questions that do have an answer.