Everyone is Someone – A Friend Like Me (Session One)

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What if you could learn to turn a frown upside down? What if you could offer hope to the haze of despair? What if you could build others up while their lives are tearing them down? What if it could be a whole new world? It can – and you can do it – with His love! Get ready to find yourself basking in God’s love as you learn to give it away!

Building up, connecting and offering hope can change the world we live in. You can be that person to someone.

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Main Points

  1. Greek word of the day: parakalein (para & kaleo)
  2. 1. An Urgent Assignment (v. 2-3)
  3. 2. A Unique Priority (v. 3-4)
  4. 3. The Underlying Purpose (v. 4)
  5. 4. An Uncommon Opportunity (v. 3-4)

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