FAITHCRAFT – What Kind of World Are You Building? (Easter 2015)

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Happy Easter! This is an Easter celebration where the most popular video game in the world, Minecraft, collides with the message of Easter to give us a celebration experience called Faithcraft. Now you may not have even heard of Minecraft – and that is OK. But you have heard of Easter, that is why you are here… and this is the message of the morning. Today as we think about Easter we are going to challenge you by asking how the Easter event has changed you – and – what kind of world are you building?

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Main Points

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Start Digging (v.13-16 & 27)
  2. Some Things Take Time (v.27-28)
  3. Watch Out For Creepers (v.17-26)
  4. Start Building (v.30-36)

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