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Full Circle – the new series @ The Warehouse Do you ever get the sense that there is far more to prayer, far more to God’s vision for your life, than what you are experiencing? Perhaps it is time to tap into God’s dream for your life and unleash the heart desires He has placed there. If we can connect with Him as He desires our lives become nothing less than unstoppable!

Full Circle @ The Warehouse


Do you ever get the sense that there is far more to prayer, far more to God’s vision for your life, than what you are experiencing? Perhaps it is time to tap into God’s dream for your life and unleash the heart desires He has placed there. If we can connect with Him as He desires our lives become nothing less than unstoppable!

A Legendary Circle -Full Circle : Week One

A Legendary Circle
In this first installment of Full Circle we look at a Legendary Circle. Anyone who has put in time in a church environment has heard the story of Joshua and the Walls of Jericho. In many ways it was the day the Israelites stopped wandering in circles and came full circle. That is where your journey begins as we explore our need to come full circle and become who we were created to be.

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Here are some additional notes and some Now What? helps for “A Legendary Circle”


On the journey of transformation:
Well developed faith results in well defined prayers

Well defined prayers result in a well lived life

Here are the practical Now What from Legendary Circle event

*** Don’t just read the Bible…start circling promises

***Don’t just make a wish instead write down your direction to get you to your destination (God-life goals)

*** Don’t just pray….keep a journal…and circle the answers, circle the things God is doing, circle the areas you see God working in…

It is time….

Quit wandering in circles and come full circle!

                We lose sight of the God driven life chasing the temporary (and unimportant)

                We pawn our God given dream and calling for the American dream

                Instead of circling Jericho we wander in the wilderness

Get outside the walls and outside the lines….

Cloudy With A Chance Of Quail – Full Circle Week 2

We are exploring how to quit wondering in circles and bring our lives full circle. Last week we began by looking at a Legendary Circle and being challenged to circle the things that God has placed before us in prayer. This week we explore a cautionary tale that is often missed in the pages of Scripture. This is a story about God, Moses, and Us…about whether or not we will be obedient, do what He says, when He says it…no matter what the cost or risk. In our lives if we are willing to listen to God and hold onto His promises then He will do what He promises and so much more!
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Cloudy With A Chance Of Quail was an incredible worship event. If you watch the video make sure you catch the two separate teaching segments at the end of each one there is an invitation. That’s right 2 Invitations in One Celebration Worship Event.

The ministry of CCC challenged and people responded

Perhaps you might need to accept the same challenges placed forward in this event. They will change your life!

Below are some devotional thoughts for your study that relate to the worship event….

Here is a lesson that we have to learn in coming full circle…

If you are going to ask God for something…He is going to do something and often asks you to do something as well (we don’t really want to do anything)

If you don’t get out of the boat you can’t walk on water

If you don’t circle the city the walls will not fall

If you don’t follow the star you miss out on the most important adventure of your life

In order to boldly pray you have to be willing to take a risk

                We said last week…if we can do something we really don’t need His help

The greatest chapters in history begin with a risk

                The greatest moments in your life begin with a risk

                There comes a moment when you have to make the call

                                Am I really going to trust God with this? Ask Him for this? And do what He tells me to do?

If you don’t take the risk…you might just miss the blessing!


 You Can’t Never Always Sometimes Tell – Full Circle: Week Three

It is so true isn’t it? You can’t never always sometimes tell….
We are in the middle of an exciting series of worship events here @ The Warehouse as we explore how we quit wandering in circles and come full circle.
Our Full Circle series has challenged us to find those areas of our life that we need to be surrounding in prayer and praying…rolling up our sleeves, taking the focus off of ourselves and really getting down to connecting with God.

Over this past week we have seen how our lives change radically when we adjust the attitude of our hearts as many of you have been a part of our No Complaint Challenge. We have a great number of you participating in the Full Circle Prayer Challenge and asking God to unleash in your life the things that will make you “unstoppable” as you make a difference in the world. Today we find out what happens when we start circling things in prayer and find that God can do anything, anytime, anywhere. The question is will we trust Him enough to be obedient and we will be who we were created to be?

Are His Arms Just Too Short? -Full Circle Week Four
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What an amazing journey we are on as we seek to quit wandering in circles and come full circle. We have been looking at how to ignite our prayer lives, grow closer to God, and discover the life we were created to live.
We have been digging into His Word and looking at the way He works from a 360 degree perspective, some have taken a No Complaint Pledge to make sure our hearts are where they need to be and make sure they stay where they need to be, some are on a Full Circle Prayer challenge striving to make transformational prayer a habit.

Today we look at something that we have to answer. How we answer this question makes all the difference as we pray and live.


Some additional notes on Are His Arms Just Too Short?

Here is a perspective and prayer changer:

The outer edge of the universe…according to astrophysicists is 15.5 billion light years away…whew!

Now, if that seems incomprehensible it’s because it is beyond our imagination

Remember where we started

As the heavens are higher than the earth
So are my ways higher than your ways
And my thoughts than your thoughts

God is explaining that from where we are to the edge of the universe is the distance between his thoughts and our thoughts

So what does that mean?
On my best day my best thought falls 15.5 billion light years of how great and how good God really is

Even the most brilliant among us underestimate what God can do by 15.5 billion light years

God is able to do 15.5 billion years light years beyond what can risk, dare, or imagine

You see…there are some things that are just beyond you
You know, you look at life and your circumstances and just shrug and get overwhelmed…that is natural, that is human, why wouldn’t you?

And in that moment, you need to remind yourself that God is so much bigger than you can imagine, nothing is to tough for Him and he doesn’t shrug, blink, or shy away…

The question is…How badly to you want to tap into the power and live unstoppable lives?

If At First You Don’t Succeed…Get a Bigger Hammer – Full Circle Week 5
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We are discovering many things about how our lives can be different when we quit wandering in cirlces and come full circle! As we begin to wrap up this series we start looking closely at how do we continue to put in practice what we have discovered.


Heart Toward God Reaching For Tomorrow: Full Circle – Week 6
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Full Circle series comes full circle in this session.
When this series began we started a quest to stop wandering in circles and come full circle.
Along the way we have been taking a look at how we circle our lives in prayer. We have seen the importance of praying with a 360 degree view. We have taken the Full Circle 21 day prayer challenge to establish some new prayer habits and we also made a No Complaint Pledge before God. The impact, the stories, the way God has worked, and how He continues to change us has been nothing short of miraculous. The series ends today as we look at one of the powerhouse prayer warriors in all of Scripture. He is our last glance in the rear view mirror of this series as we now live our lives Full Circle…surrounded in prayer.