Impossible… The Series

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Impossible…It’s About Time (Impossible: Session One)

Covenant’s 19th Birthday Celebration…this is the first installment in a fun new series as CCC kicks off a new church year. The challenge for each of us is this…”are you willing to live the IMPOSSIBLE life God has called you to live?”

The discoveries we make are going to be amazing. This celebration event features an original film, lots of fun, and of course…a great time of worship…join us on-line


Impossible Timing (Impossible Session Two)
We are all overwhelmed under the stress of “not having enough time”…yet, when we take a close look at the Bible, we begin to discover a God who has called each of us to live our life for Him…and we have plenty of time to do so…ready to start learning how to do and live the impossible? It’s about time!

Impossible Reality (Impossible Session Three)

Impossible…It’s About Time has us exploring how each of us might live the “impossible” life that God has created us to live. Last week we discovered some startling realities about the Impossible Timing of God and how gives us all exactly what we need to do what He has asked. Today we dig back into the same passage to break down the Impossible Reality of what took place…and most importantly, what that means for our lives today…right now…in this place. Are you ready to do, live, and experience the impossible? It is what you were created for!


Impossible Urgency (Impossible Session Four)
We have been discovering that God calls us to live a life with Him that we cannot live without Him…in other words, it is Impossible to do what we were created to do on our own. We are called to live Impossible Lives…each week we have unpacked some helpful, insightful, and practical ways that we can become who we were created to be and today we take that a step beyond. In another passage where something very unusual happens with “time” we again come face to face with Biblical truth and realistic lessons about faith, following, and our future. Get ready to discover the need of living with an impossible urgency this morning at the warehouse.


Impossible Living (Impossible: Session Five)
We have been on an interesting journey as we have been thinking about the “Impossible” life God has called each of us to live. We have also discovered along that way that “it is about time” we starting doing, being, and becoming who we are created to be. Today we wrap up this series with a trip back into the story we started with, the miraculous story found in Joshua chapter 10. This celebration worship event allows us to find some powerful lessons about how Impossible Living can happen in our lives today.