Is it Good or Is It Bad Series

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This is a brand new series where we take an honest and hopefully refreshing look at the world we live in.

Is It Bad…or…Is It Good? (An Introduction Written In The Sand) – Session One
Today @ The Warehouse we begin a brand new series where we take an honest and hopefully refreshing look at the world we live in.

If the Bible is true (and it is!) we discover that God is in charge…everywhere, everyplace, and every moment. And although we often talk about, nod our heads in agreement over that statement, we rarely take the time to think about what that really means.

A great deal of what God is doing… most people don’t see and if they could see, they may not like the way He is doing it. However, it is important to remember that in a rapidly changing world, a rapidly changing culture…yet Jesus is in the midst of it…even though we don’t see it. That is good news for all of us.

Our series begins today with an introduction that reminds of how important His grace is and why His grace is a game changer. When Jesus is involved He takes what appears to be bad and works it for good…over and over again. The passages we will look at force us to come face to face with the reality that our lives, our existence, and our purpose must be built around living the life we were created to live with a radical obedience, or life just is not going to be all it could be.

It will be fun, challenging, and will stretch you beyond where you are as you continue to become who you were created to be.

An Honest Dose Of Truth: Is It Bad…Or Is It Good? Session Two

Our latest series @ The Warehouse has us asking a somewhat strange question… Is It Bad…or…Is It Good?
It is forcing us to look at the world from a Full Circle perspective, in other words, we are trying to see the world around us from a 360 degree view as God would like for us to see it. By doing so we are able to take an honest look at the world we live in and how we might change and shape it in a way that honors God. The culture is where we flesh out our faith and along the way we are going to discover that the culture itself gives us some gifts that we need to embrace and allow God to use. Today we open the pages of Scripture and find some moments where this is illustrated.

Trapped and Needing To Get Out – Is It Bad…Or Is It Good? (Session three)

It is Bad…Or Is it Good? Sometimes it is hard to know the answer to that question. In this series we are trying to give you a different way of looking at the world around us. We are taking a full circle view of the culture and discovering some ways that God uses the culture as a gift to His followers. Sadly, we don’t always share the same view as God…but together we are looking closer than we ever have before and making some life shifting observations. Today we take a look at how the culture gives us the gift of breaking free and escaping the prisons we have trapped ourselves in. It is a good gift and we will unpack it for you today in celebration worship.


Some Things Are Worth Fighting For – Is It Bad…Or Is It Good? (Session Four)

Is It Bad…Or Is It Good?
Our honest look at the culture continues this week as we strive to see how sometimes what we think is bad…can really be good. We have discovered that the culture and the world around us is actually a gift from God to His followers. To see it as a gift we must learn to look at it full circle and from a Biblical perspective. In our changing worldview this week find sometimes the culture will push back and might even be hostile to the things of God. This is a gift…it is a battle that God gives us that if we face it correctly will make us better.


The Things We Might Never Know – Is It Bad…Or Is It Good? (Session 5)

There are things we know…and things we don’t know. But have you ever pondered the impact of never knowing things you need to know, that you should know, and things that can shape your life?
Today we look again at the good gift that God gives us in the culture surrounding us and ask the question…Is It Bad…Or Is It Good? We will find that we get an amazing gift of compassion from the culture that reveals some things we have to know.


Connection Lost…Connection Found – Is It Bad…Or Is It Good? (Session 6)

The culture…is it bad or is it good?
This celebration worship experience explore the gift the culture gives to the church. It is the gift of connection…and we need it.