Nothing Too Great – What Just Happened? (Session Two)

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When you read the words, “God is Great” most of us nod our heads in agreement. But while we are bobbing our heads we sometimes forget to engage our brains and really think about what that statement means. We are exploring miracles and digging into some things that Jesus did many years ago that show us how He works, how He deals with us, and how we need to respond to Him… today. In our study today we blow away the barriers and are reminded that with God – anything is possible. But for each of us there comes a moment when we have to decide how great we really believe God is. Because if we really believe He is all that He promised, then is there anything that we won’t do to stay close to Him?

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What Just Happened? Series

Main Points

  1. No Request Too Great (v.46-49)
  2. No Distance Too Great (v.49-52)
  3. No Effort Too Great (v.51-53)

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