Open Your Eyes To What Happens Between – What Just Happened? (Session Seven)

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Miracles… we all like them, we all want them, but we don’t really want to be in a set of circumstances that require one. So it goes with the way we view miracles. In this series we have been exploring the miraculous and discovering that in each miracle Jesus shows us in the book of John, there is a directional marker for us… a directional sign that gently points us toward Him. On a week where we focus on being thankful, we get the chance to come face to face with how we view the world, how we choose to focus on God, and how we choose to be obedient. Perhaps some of the best Thanksgiving advice you might get this week will be discovered in the next few minutes as you are invited to “open your eyes.”

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What Just Happened? Series

Main Points

  1. Living Between Believing and Seeing (v.1-4)
  2. Seeing Between Light and Spit (v.5-7)
  3. Moving Between Going and Washing (v.7)

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