Putting It All On The Table – Not Just Any Table (Session Two)

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Putting It All on The Table is the second installment in a series where we are exploring the way church works. Now the church is people, the Bible is clear about that. And we join ourselves together as part of the body of Christ to form an outpost of the Kingdom of God in various places, we give these places a name (First Church, Church of the Confused, Second Baptist Church to the Left of First Street around The Corner From The Church I Used To Go To, etc, etc) and each ministry develops a sense of identity and a certain style. But when you begin to take a close look, any church that believes, trusts, and follows Jesus, must be doing certain things in order to fulfill the mission they are called to. Today we put it all on the table and take an honest, close, and personal look at what should be happening at the table.

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Not Just Any Table Series


Main Points

  1. Loading The Table With Food (v.17-19)
  2. Pushing Away From The Table (v.19-22)
  3. Resetting The Table (v.25)