Spell it Out for Me – Stranger Things (Session Two)

We live in an Upside Down world and to survive it we need help. We need information, we need answers and we need to know they are real and can be trusted. There is a source that we can get the information we need to live from and we can trust it to be true.

It is found in the Word of God. If you are going to turn the Upside Down upside down, then you have to connect to the source and discover His plan for living.

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Key to the Kingdom – RUSH (Session Two)

RUSH is the series in which we are discovering how the Holy Hush breaks through the chaos and clutter of the Rush constantly happening in our lives. We have already discovered that God wants to speak to us and is speaking to us – all the time. In this session, we get specific and look at one of the ways that God speaks to us each day. It is going to sound like a classic church answer, but one of the ways He speaks is through His Word. So in this innovative glimpse of Scripture, together let’s allow the HUSH to move through the Rush.

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