Under the Umbrella – 20/20 Vision (Session Two)

We are looking at our lives and trying to see them with a new, clear, clean, fresh vision. God has created us and wants to bless us. As a result, it is safe to say that we can live blessed!

This series, 20/20 Vision, is designed to help us understand more deeply the way that God blesses. But living blessed doesn’t mean that we are exempted from the storms of life.

This morning we discover some things to remember as the storms come along, which help us move through them with confidence and boldness.

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Crazy Thankful – April Madness

It is a very special time of year. Spring has arrived and people move from the chill of Winter into the warmth of new starts and fresh beginnings. God is and has always been a God of new starts and fresh beginnings and today, we discover how much we have to be thankful for as we celebrate March Madness in the month of April.

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Gifts That Are Meaningful To You – White Elephant Christmas (Session Two)

Our Christmas celebration continues at CCC this week as we think about the gifts that are especially meaningful to you. As we talked about last week, a white elephant gift can be described as a number of things, but one thing about it – we always attach some meaning and value to it. Today we explore some gifts of Christmas that have special meaning and value to all of us. Get ready as we continue to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!

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Frost Free Living – Unfrozen (Session Two)

Today we continue our mini-series using the parable of the Disney film Frozen. As we have already discovered, there are many Biblical themes and lessons woven through the movie. Today we examine a powerful one -When your life is controlled by fear…
You hurt others and yourself… here are some questions that we all must answer so we can live frost free lives… or in other words UNFROZEN.

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Training For Gratitude!

It is the time of year when we pause to be thankul for all the things we have been blessed with…although we try to do so…for some, this is not so easy.

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