Under the Umbrella – 20/20 Vision (Session Two)

We are looking at our lives and trying to see them with a new, clear, clean, fresh vision. God has created us and wants to bless us. As a result, it is safe to say that we can live blessed!

This series, 20/20 Vision, is designed to help us understand more deeply the way that God blesses. But living blessed doesn’t mean that we are exempted from the storms of life.

This morning we discover some things to remember as the storms come along, which help us move through them with confidence and boldness.

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Daring To Be Bold – I Dare You (Session One)

It is not always easy to live for Jesus in the world we move through each day. It takes a bit of boldness that is not always easy. However, being bold is something that not only we should do it is something we can do. Beyond that it is something we are “called to do.” So how about taking the dare and becoming bold? This series and this study helps get you started as we understand the uniqueness of boldness in a Follower’s life.

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Navigating Stranger Tides Series

Set sail into summer with CCC as we navigate stranger tides. The scalawags of Covenant invite you to come and be a part of the most exciting adventure this side of the Caribbean. Through the month of June during Worship @ The Warehouse we take some time and discover what it means to have a Holy Boldness and a Swagger that comes from a life lived by following Jesus. Those are strange waters for some to navigate and sometimes tough to understand so get ready to take a voyage into the hot, hazy, lazy days of summer as it unfolds at CCC.

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