Arrow Space – Arrow (Session Five)

The Arrow series continues as we explore how we live the life we were created to live without regret, without holding anything back, and without fear. We have used the phrase “live life on point and in one direction.” There are some who ponder this and think, “This sounds good, but I just can’t do it.”

This morning’s study digs in and looks at how we choose to make space in our existence for God, to do the work He desires to do in us. He is waiting for us to choose Him.

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It Will All Work Out… Later! – Action! (Session One)

We all love to watch action heroes…well, because they do something, they take action, and the action they take makes things happen. For many people, they stop at watching action and never do anything on their own. As a result, following God has become a spectator sport where we cheer, get charged up about what others are doing, but never “get moving” ourselves. There is a serious danger in trying to live this way and in this study today, we look at that a bit closer.

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