Getting Started – Construction Code (Session One)

It begins… in the beginning.

Each of us are on a journey. It is an adventure that God has created and crafted just for us and it starts in the beginning. The Construction Code is a daring project that challenges us to ponder the possibilities of what God has for us to become. And so it begins.

Today is the beginning. Get ready, it is going to be epic!

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SURGE Day! – Construction Code

This is a very special day of celebration for The Church @ 434. It is officially “SURGE Day” – the day that a new ministry began here @ 434. This year we once again celebrate all God has done and get ready for what He is going to do next!

Today’s Celebration Worship experience features the music of The No-Name Band, a parable created for this even, and an introduction to our upcoming series called – The Construction Code.

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