Jingle Jam Attitudes – Jingle Jam (Session Three)

We are jamming all the joy we can into our Christmas Celebration here at The Church @ 434. Hopefully you are seeing God at work in the world around you as once again we get to celebrate His birth.

Today we discover how our attitudes can help us jam even more joy into the way we face the holidays. So get ready to celebrate Christmas as we Jingle Jam @ 434!

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Open Your Eyes… It Is Dark In Here – Light It Up (Session Two)

We all have had those moments when we wake up and for a few moments we have no idea where we are. Usually the disorientation only lasts a few moments and your brain kicks into gear as you begin to process the world surrounding you. That simple act of waking up is also something that has to happen for us in a spiritual sense as well. If we are ever going to start making the good choices that get us closer to God, then we all are in need of an awakening. Today we sound the alarm and give you a wake up call.

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Signing Their Lives Away – An Independence Day Celebration

1776 was the year the cry of independence was heard around the world. A group of men on a sweltering summer day in Philadelphia voted and the birth of nation began.So much has been said, so much has been written, in this celebration worship experience we discover what it means to give your life for something besides yourself and the importance of the foundation you build upon

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