Refuse to Lose – Arrow (Session Four)

Learning to live life on point and in one direction is the focus of our Arrow series. In this morning’s snapshot from the life of Elisha, we discover a family who needs help. What they are asked to do gives us a great roadmap as to how we can choose to refuse to lose – and live the life we were created to live.

Let’s get ready… the adventure is just about to begin!

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Maximizing Your Minutes – Arrow (Session Three)

Living life on point and in one direction happens one minute and one moment at a time. In order to live the life you were born to live, you have to make a decision. The choice you must make is whether or not you are going to maximize the minutes you have been given.

Today, the Arrow series continues as we discover we are not to give up on any single minute of the precious gift of life God has given.

Let’s get ready to maximize our moments together!

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Backdraft Series

Fire. It is the source of destruction and the source of life. It burns, incinerates, and destroys. But it also warms, refines, and purifies. In the Bible, God used fire to reveal his power through Elijah, to protect Daniel’s three young friends, to communicate his will to Moses, and much more. Together in BACKDRAFT we explore these fiery stories from Scripture to help fan the flames of our own faith today. Catch a spiritual spark from this intense series that can ignite a white-hot passion for Christ.This series is designed on purpose to create for you a spiritual backdraft! Get ready…it might get a little bit HOT !!!

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