A Whole New World – A Friend Like Me (Session Four)

We have been exploring the impact of having a friend and being a friend can have in the world around you. When you do it right, it creates a whole new world for you and the people in your life. We conclude our series on encouragement with some reminders of what it takes to be the encourager you are called to be.

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The Write Stuff – A Friend Like Me (Session Three)

In A Friend Like Me we are discovering the Biblical command to encourage and the importance of how we relate to a world that needs to discover the love of Jesus.

This morning we discover the importance of encouragement once again through a written letter – and are reminded of the powerful possibilities of what it means to say the right stuff in the right way.

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You’ve Got a Friend in Me – A Friend Like Me (Session Two)

In our A Friend Like Me series, we are exploring the incredible need and power of encouragement. We have discovered how important this is to God and how He works to do this in each of our lives.

This morning’s Bible study takes us a bit deeper and reminds us of the awesome responsibility of being a friend. So together, lets make some discoveries from a dusty road in Damascus that impacts your life today.

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Encourage One Another – You-Do Series (Session One)

The “You-Do” series and challenge begins today…
What you will hear starting with this session and in the days ahead is both practical and tactical.
His word gives realistic, applicable ways to share joy with one another. They are called the “one another” statements. There are at least 59 of them in the New Testament. During the weekend that never ends at CCC, Pastor Jeff will be teaching on the One Another passages in the Bible and challenging us with what we discover.

Believe it or not, you can develop the life shaping, wonderful skill of sharing joy. You can discover the adventure of making the lives of people a little bit better! A laugh, a smile, a cheerful exchange and a wave of happiness goes a long way toward touching and changing the world.
Today that journey begins as we talk and think about encouragement.

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