Let’s JAM – Jingle Jam (Session One)

Are you ready to jam? The Jingle Jam begins today. We are going to spend this entire holiday season jamming as much joy as we can into every single Christmas moment we get to experience.

To get us started, we are going to give you 3 things… 3 truths… 3 realities that will jam joy into your Christmas. It is time to Jam – Jingle Jam!

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Amazing Messy Grace – Bigger and Better (Session Three)

Bigger & Better has been bringing us face to face with the incredible grace of God. There are some who have convinced themselves that they are not worthy of forgiveness and grace… and while we have all done some pretty rough stuff, there is something about grace that we must remember. If we don’t – we will miss the amazing messy grace of God at work in our lives. Together this morning, let’s take a look at the mess and what God does with it.

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Build a Bridge and Get Over It! – The Bridge (Session Two)

Forgiveness is one of the crucial aspects of life. We all have a desire for it, and we all have a need for it. We want it from others, and we want it from God.

But what do we do when it’s our turn to forgive?
In this study we find four powerful, life-altering steps that lead to extending forgiveness to others. Because when someone has done us harm, that’s when it’s time for us to build a bridge and get over it.

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The Me set Free – The Mystery of Me (Session Three)

Although we are mysterious… and quirky and goofy and different as individuals at times. There is something miraculous about the way Jesus takes our lives and makes them something spectacular. As He does His amazing work in us, we find an incredible freedom that we have never known before but we no longer want to live without. It is then that we know the Me has been set Free.

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Happily Forever After – DNA Session 7

How do you learn to live out the “happily forever after” that God has for you? In this session of the DNA series we take a look at two things that you must remember…no matter what you have done or no matter what is happening around you.

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