How to R..R..R..R..Rumble – The Rumble (Session Four)

There is a rumble that we face each and every day. In our study, we have taken a close look at the Opponent – or the giants we face. We have dug deep to find the Warrior’s Code and discovered the 4 C’s we must all have to be champions. We have also found out that for each of us, there is a time to fight and what happens when we do.

Today we conclude the series with the most practical of all life lessons. As a matter of fact, here at 434 we usually end our studies with a “Now What?” – today each one of our points is a Now What? application for what we have been learning together. So get ready, it is time to find out “How to R..R..R..R..Rumble.”

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You Can Relax

This is celebration worship at the warehouse. This week we get to spend some time taking a bit of a deep breath as summer unfolds. As we celebrate today our invitation is that you would relax and connect with the Creator of the Universe this morning. Over the course of the next few minutes you will get to take a quick trip with our students to the hills of Tennessee and see how God has worked in their lives over the past week, we will sing songs of praise and worship, and then you get the invitation to relax as we share an important verse in God’s Word that might be just what you need to hear.

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Stronger Than You! – Astonished: Week 8

Loving Jesus just like He said!Sometimes we have missed what Jesus meant when He said to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. In this final installment of this series we discover together that the strength we are supposed to love with comes from a source that never taps out. Now one hand that is great news, on the other hand it is well, er, a bit confusing.In this celebration worship experience you have the chance to connect with the One who is stronger than you!

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