Spell it Out for Me – Stranger Things (Session Two)

We live in an Upside Down world and to survive it we need help. We need information, we need answers and we need to know they are real and can be trusted. There is a source that we can get the information we need to live from and we can trust it to be true.

It is found in the Word of God. If you are going to turn the Upside Down upside down, then you have to connect to the source and discover His plan for living.

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Pants on the Ground – Astonished: Week 4

You may have seen the “Pants on the Ground” American Idol audition. It impacted the culture quickly and the phrase became a part of our current language.In this celebration worship experience we discover how important an observation really is and how we view things says a great deal about our relationship to God!Loving God with all of our soul continues in this installment of the astonished series!

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