Believe in the Details – Believe (Session Four)

Welcome to the Sunday before Christmas! This morning we continue our Believe series as we look at the details. It is going to be an exciting morning of worship.
There is much to praise Him for as we gather to celebrate His birth! Get Ready, the celebration is about to begin.

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Launching with Power – Launch (Session Three)

Launch is a series where we are discovering some of the amazing promises of God. Those promises give us value, define us, and free us to become what and who we are created to be. As a result, we can touch and change the world with the love of Jesus.

Today we look at how we connect to the power source that gives us the fuel we need to launch into the world around us. It is yet another amazing truth and promise from God – and it will change your life!

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Wondrous Hope – Wonder Women (Session One)

Series – You may have read their stories of courage, vision, and giftedness. It is no wonder that women are so important to understand the plan of God in the Bible. But make no mistake, these women are not “extras” in God’s cast – instead they are at the very heart of His work in the world. This series features a very special glimpse at a group of wonder women. Their lives remind us, inspire us, and instruct us how to live heroic lives and awaken the hero in each of us.

Study – This is a series where we discover some ways to live a heroic life. In our study we are finding some Wonder Women who each offer us some powerful examples of how God works and how we can become the best versions of ourselves. In this study, we explore three verses of Scripture and meet a woman who reminds us of the necessity of the power of hope. Heroes always bring hope, and in the life of Anna, we find this modeled in an amazing way. Get ready to discover a Wondrous Hope.

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An Eclipse of Hope – Hope: Dancing in the Puddles (Session Five)

We are exploring the topic of HOPE. We not only need it, but we find it in our journey of faith with Jesus. But does hope live up to the hype? You bet it does! Today’s study unfolds the day before The Great American Eclipse, which serves as a fitting background for our celebration based on the book of Luke. Hope provides the eclipse we need to live the life we were created to live.

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Hope Gives Persistence – Hope: Dancing in the Puddles (Session Four)

We are taking an important look at the topic of Hope in this series. Along the way we are discovering how, because of God’s grace, we get hope. Now most people know that. But what we haven’t realized, which we are uncovering in this series, is that hope brings all sorts of very good things with it, into our lives – like persistence.

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