TNACI – Arrow (Session Six)

Are you ready to take your shot? All through the Arrow series we have challenged you to step up and choose to be who you were created to be.

Today we take one more look at a snapshot from the life of Elisha and are reminded of how easy it is to miss what God wants to do… we have to lose the “I can’t” that so often robs us of what He has for us. – TNACI!

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The Me to Be – The Mystery of Me (session two)

The journey of transformation is a process that occurs from the inside out that is lived from the outside in. That may sound confusing, but don’t let it be. While we are changing on the inside we see clear evidence of that change was we live it out each day. So what is happening on the outside is a reflection of what is taking place on the inside. This study reminds us of the Me we want to Be.

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