Choices we get to Make – Masterpiece Series – Special Guest Craig Culbreth

Whether you realize it or not, you are a masterpiece!

Created by God – you are a work of art. Each of us must decide if we are willing to become all that He created us to be and whether or not we are going to live up to the potential He has placed in each one of us. The choices we get to make directly impact the quality of life we are going to have.

This morning, our very special guest is Dr. Craig Culbreth. Craig is the Missions and Ministry TEAM Lead Strategist for the Florida Baptist Convention. Craig will be sharing and teaching as we come face to face with how we face adversity and how we choose our attitude.

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Christmas Conversations – Jingle All The Way – (Session 1)

Christmas @ The Warehouse begins as we think about the “sounds” that are a part of Christmas celebrations. This celebration worship experience begins by exploring some Christmas conversations in the Bible that still are Christmas conversations that take place today. The lessons we learn from this portion of the Christmas story might change the way you celebrate Christmas this year.

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Worth the Decorating – Christmas Vacation (Session 4)

Christmas is here. Take a few moments and celebrate with us on this Christmas Day @ The Warehouse.

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Ready To Go! Getting Ready For Christmas – Christmas Vacation (Session 1)

Nothing like a Christmas Vacation!History reveals the first Christmas road trip was anything but a vacation like we know it today…it was tough and difficult…but that trip by a young man and woman…and the incredibly long journey of a little baby allowed the first Christmas Vacation to change everything!Today we begin getting ready for Christmas by looking at the things to remember as we get ready to celebrate. Nothing just happens by accident. It didn’t then, it doesn’t now, and remembering that will change how you celebrate.

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