Everything is Awesome- The LEGO Series (Session Two)

It would be an understatement to say that “Easter is Awesome.” Today we are going to take a few moments as we celebrate to remind you of some of the awesome things that can happen for you as you connect to the Easter event.

The series is Easter LEGOs and today we explore how to connect to Jesus and connect to the best life possible for each of us.

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Easter Ink

Welcome to the Easter Celebration @ The Warehouse.This year our theme is Easter Ink. As you enter this morning you get your very own Easter tattoo. Now a tattoo is not the usual image that comes to mind when you think about Easter. But this morning you are going to see this in a whole new way. We are going to be reminded of the tattoo that God has and how it relates to you. Then beyond that we are going to discover that when you really understand Easter then you are inked forever and those marks set you apart from everyone else. So wear the tattoo proudly and get ready to celebrate the resurrection of the Savior at CCC this morning!

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