Wanting to Believe – Believe (Session One)

Deeply embedded in the story of Christmas is a word that takes us from simply hearing about the birth of Christ to allowing our lives to be transformed by His love. The word is “Believe.”

It is with an expectant heart that we believe. With this belief we find hope and peace through the Song that God sent down to earth. For a follower of Jesus the word “Believe” used during the Christmas season is loaded with hope and excitement. Yet the word “Believe” is also tossed around this time of year by others who have no idea what to really believe in. So as we begin this Christmas celebration, it is time to climb aboard for the journey of a lifetime and experience Christmas in a real, electrifying, and life changing way. When it seems that magic of life has slipped away – we find it all again on Christmas Day.

So how about you? Are you ready and wanting to believe?

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Gifts That Are Meaningful To You – White Elephant Christmas (Session Two)

Our Christmas celebration continues at CCC this week as we think about the gifts that are especially meaningful to you. As we talked about last week, a white elephant gift can be described as a number of things, but one thing about it – we always attach some meaning and value to it. Today we explore some gifts of Christmas that have special meaning and value to all of us. Get ready as we continue to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!

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