Remembering Rocks! – Rocks (Session One)

Strong, reliable and hard are all words that describe rocks. If you drill down deeper you find the word is also rich in minerals, metaphors and even movement wrapped around it. Today we begin this series and are reminded that rocks can have important meaning in understanding how God works in our lives. Get ready to rock! Remembering Rocks!

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How Do You Make Christmas Last? – Last Christmas (Session Three)

Many of us have found ourselves during the middle of a Christmas celebration thinking to ourselves, usually in a very happy moment, “Wouldn’t it be great if Christmas could last all year long?”

Now in some circles that question can create havoc in the space time continuum but in a very practical sense..the community, the festiveness, the joy, the conversation, the giving, the spirit, the attitudes that often accompany the season are what we wish we could maintain all year. So today, in our Last Christmas series we flip-flop the two words and ask the question… How Do You Make Christmas Last? and we return to the ancient city of Bethlehem on a not-so-silent night for a close look at the Christmas event.

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