The Day Water Blushed – What Just Happened? (Session One)

What Just Happened?
“Miracles are happening all around us all the time, but you won’t see them if you don’t know how to look for them.”
Our impossible situations are God’s greatest opportunity to reveal His glory Sometimes it’s hard to believe that God still does miracles. We don’t expect Him to move in miraculous ways in our day-in and day-out lives. Maybe we’d like to see miracles, but it’s hard to see past our problems.
All that is about to change, like water into wine…in this series we explore miracles that point us toward Jesus. If you are longing to see God work in your own life in miraculous ways…then you will love this faith strengthening, life giving series.

Today we begin the series and think about water. Simple, basic, foundational for life…and on this occasion, the clear water blushed at a command from Jesus. The result was that water was changed into wine and Jesus began a ministry that would change the world. Most missed the moment but they were impacted by it… then and now. Let’s explore the day water blushed.

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Never the Same

The resurrection of Jesus is THE event on which all of history hinges. After His death, burial, and resurrection nothing was ever the same. In the forty days that followed Jesus made appearances and had moments that confirmed what had happened and at the same time changed the course of the early church and history. In this study we go back and ponder the events that happened right after the tomb was empty.

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Impossible Timing – Impossible (Session 2)

We are all overwhelmed under the stress of “not having enough time”…yet, when we take a close look at the Bible, we begin to discover a God who has called each of us to live our life for Him…and we have plenty of time to do so…ready to start learning how to do and live the impossible? It’s about time!

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Impossible…It’s About Time – Impossible (Session 1)

Covenant’s 19th Birthday Celebration…this is the first installment in a fun new series as CCC kicks off a new church year. The challenge for each of us is this…”are you willing to live the IMPOSSIBLE life God has called you to live?”

The discoveries we make are going to be amazing. This celebration event features an original film, lots of fun, and of course…a great time of worship…join us on-line

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The 34th Miner

I watched it happen in the early morning hours. The twisting turning capsule ascending from the depths of the earth.

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