Gifts That Never Lose Their Value – White Elephant Christmas (Session One)

A gift is an amazing thing…and sometimes the gift becomes a part of your life that changes you forever. The first Christmas we were given a gift. No matter how much people try to ignore it… it is a gift that just does not stop giving and does not go away. That is incredible news. So lets kick off this Christmas season by hearing this life changing news in a fresh and new way.

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At Last… Christmas! – Last Christmas (Session Four)

Our Last Christmas series has been taking the two words “last” & “Christmas” and by placing them together in just the right way have forced us to look at how we celebrate Christmas, how we should celebrate it better, how to celebrate in ways that really honor God, and how to make Christmas become an ongoing celebration in our lives. But as we now stand at the Sunday before Christmas we take a closer look at the arrival of Jesus and the moments that occured right after His birth. Christmas has finally arrived and it was certainly not quiet around Bethlehem for those who were willing to listen and worship. At Last…Christmas! He is here!

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Jingle All The Way…

Christmas 2012
It is the most wonderful time of the year and the celebration of Christmas @ The Warehouse is always filled with fun, surprises, and moments to remember…

This year is no exception, so get ready…Jingle All The Way into Christmas

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